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Bonner Zentrum für Transkulturelle Narratologie
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Bonn Center for Trans-Cultural Narratology (BZTN)


The Bonn Center for Trans-Cultural Narratology (Bonner Zentrum für Transkulturelle Narratologie - BZTN), officially established by the directorate of the University of Bonn in the summer of 2010, mainly focuses on identifying and analyzing narrative structures in "non-occidental", generally "pre-modern" texts. A text in this case primarily constitutes a linguistic entity, characterized by different features of textuality. A deeper structure of the text, indicative of a communicative situation, a thematic development and a certain intention of communication, can thus be identified. We place a special emphasis on “non-occidental“ texts that in general are not written in the "major" European languages - our focus however is not on their factuality, the philological delicacy or any messages concerning the history of events. Rather, we analyze the narrative techniques of the sources and ask about the information the text offers by means of the narrative structures it features. We therefore take into account the "mental (emotional and cognitive, unconscious and conscious) operations through which the experience of time is being processed in the medium of memory to points of orientation of life praxis". The materials we analyze range from Chinese, Japanese, Mongol, Egyptian and Tibetan to Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Hittite and oral texts. However, alternative texts from the major European languages are also being taken into consideration.




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